Videographer Isj aiming high

He has always admired the videographer career since he was young in primary school.

After been inspired by his uncle who used to send him to shoot some videos, at 24 Maxwell Posani Makawa commonly known as Isj has achieved a lot in the video production.

I have worked with Kafita Nursery Choir, the late Gift Fumulani, I have also produced favoured sister’s videos and Ruth Missi the list is endless Isj said.

Apart from being a prolific video producer, Isj is a thriving entrepreneur and Producer of Reflo Pictures Company which is his uncle’s.

Malawi’s video production industry is taking shape with several talented directors and videographers creating professional and incredible material on daily basis, Isj is one of them.

For someone who has been in the video production industry for so many years now, I see more good things to come. The industry is growing as we have old and upcoming producers Isj explained.

He hails his uncle for instilling confidence in him to work hard.

I will always appreciate my uncle because he was the one who taught me this he said.

He attributed his excellence to hard work and passion, saying he is driven by the desire to achieve more.

When I produce a good video, I am encouraged to produce even better material to surpass the previous work. This is what keeps me going, Isj said.

He said that now he wants to further his education and his studying at Malawi Institute of Journalism (MIJ).

I am into entrepreneurship but at the same time I want to upgrade my education too because that is also important in this life.

However, I chose the entrepreneurship route because the job market cannot accommodate everyone, he said.

Young people in Malawi should also have a drive to venture into entrepreneurship because the job industry can’t employ everyone, said Isj.

Source: Malawi News Agency � MANA