‘We are impressed by the Malawi’s Tobacco Market’

Lilongwe: A representative from Land ‘O’ Lakes, Stephen Salmen on Thursday said the scale at which the Malawi tobacco market operates is impressive compared to other countries he had visited.

Stephen together with a group of Professors and students from different state universities from the United States of America, toured Kanengo Tobacco Auction Floors in Lilongwe.

He said the size of the Auction and the activities that took place reflected how the country values the tobacco market.

This is impressive, seeing farmers, buyers and employees of Auction Holdings Limited and the size of the auction floor, this is impressive, and we commend them for the good job they are doing, he said

Stephen said they were on a four day visit to Malawi to study Agriculture and food Security issues.

He said they were in the country because Land ‘O’ Lakes supports Agricultural development worldwide and Malawi inclusive, and they were in the country to study the Agricultural sector and the food supply chain.

The experience in Malawi was unique we had a chance to visit, small scale and large scale farmers; we have had a chance to interact with farmers and they have shared their experiences with us and it was interesting to see how farming is done in this part of the world, he said

Corporate Communications officer for Auction Holdings Limited, Thom Khanje said the visit by the Land ‘O’ Lakes delegates was necessary because tobacco remains the most important cash crop for Malawi in terms of creating employment, generating revenue and earning forex.

Khanje said the visit shows that AHL group is recognized and appreciated by the international community.

During their visit they have seen the role that AHL group is playing in supporting farmers and the agricultural sector as a whole, they have also seen how AHL helps farmers to sale their produce and not only tobacco, he said.

The Universities that the delegates came from included, Iowa State, Kansa State, George Washington state, North Carolina and Pennsylvania State Universities from the United States.

Source: Malawi News Agency MANA