WESM builds 22 toilets for KK Primary School

Nkhotakota Wildlife and Environmental Society of Malawi (WESM), has built 22 toilets at Luluzi Primary School in Nkhotakota in order to improve hygiene and enrollment of girl learners.

This is in line with the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology’s drive to achieve toilet/pupil ratio of 1:60.

In additional to the toilets, the girls at the school have decent shower rooms which help them to be hygienic throughout the learning days.

Deputy Head teacher for the school, Charles Sanjama, told Malawi News Agency (Mana), that the toilets were constructed in 2012 WESM after noted that the previous toilets were not enough and unhygienic.

He said the school has an enrolment of 843 learners meaning that the toilet/pupil ratio is 1/41.

Sanjama explained that apart from protecting the learners from poor hygienic practices, two of the toilets are used in another way to help farmers around the school use stools as manure.

These are sky loo toilets in which we use a room for six months and then start using another room after another six months.

This gives room for the stools in the abandoned room to transform into manure. We then open the other toilet after harvesting the stools while the waste in the other toilet are in the process of transforming into manure, he said.

Nkhotakota District Education Manager, Greystone Alindiamawo, confirmed that it is not easy for the district to achieve a 1:60 toilet pupil ratio because most schools are congested.

He highlighted that the district’s average toilet pupil ratio is currently at 1:81, Our schools are congested, so the recommended ratio may turn a school into having more toilets than classroom blocks. Currently, we are recommending a toilet for each classroom.

Sanjama, however, pointed out that the school has insufficient classroom blocks and unpleasant head teacher’s office.

If we had enough classrooms, decent houses, staffroom and head teacher’s office, then we would shine forever. We only have four blocks of two classes each but the school’s enrolment is growing every term, he said.

Luluzi Primary School was established in 1991. It is located in Chiluvya Village, Traditional Authority Kanyenda in the district’s North constituency.

Source: Malawi News Agency MANA

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