Western Cape Social Development on Bonnytoun Secure Care Centre

Bonnytoun abscondment: Department & SAPS searching for boys

Operations at the Bonnytoun Secure Care Centre, which is a Child & Youth Care Centre (CYCC), have returned to normal after an attack and abscondment by some of the boys held at the facility.

The Western Cape Department of Social Development (DSD) immediately alerted the South African Police Service (SAPS) and parents after the incident, and a search for 3 boys who absconded is ongoing.

The incident occurred on Friday evening (13-01-2017), when a group of 31 boys at the CYCC assaulted and over-powered care staff. The entire group initially managed to abscond, but 20 of them were soon apprehended and brought back to the facility. Another 5 were found by their parents, and are being returned to the CYCC.

During the incident, two of our care staff at the Bonnytoun CYCC sustained injuries. One of them is still in hospital receiving treatment. We wish them a speedy recovery.

CYCCs are established under the Children’s Act of 2005 and the Child Justice Act of 2008 as facilities for children at-risk, and for children who are in conflict with the law. Both categories of children are held separately at CYCC facilities. There are 61 CYCCs in the province, operated by DSD and NGOs. Bonnytoun Secure Care Centre is operated by the department.

Source: Government of South Africa