WFP to distribute K321 m to food insecure families in Salima

Salima, : Salima District Council has disclosed that World Food Program (WFP) will be giving out money to 18,151 families with food shortage in seven traditional authorities in the district under Cash Transfer Programme.

Desk Officer responsible for disasters in Salima, Brino Kamanga said in an interview on Monday the money, which amounts to K321.7 million, will be distributed in March and April, 2019.

He said each targeted household will receive K9000 for buying additional food stuffs in addition to relief maize which they are already receiving from government through the Malawi Vulnerability Assessment Committee (MVAC) response.

We have already been distributing maize to the targeted households. This additional package of cash transfer is intended to help them buy cooking oil, relish and other food items, said Kamanga.

He said the local council was delighted with the initiative as it would meet its target of reducing malnutrition in the district.

The problem of malnutrition usually becomes serious in times of food shortage. We are happy with the coming in of cash transfer initiative as it will help families affected with the food shortage to have money for buying extra food stuffs for their nutritional needs, said Kamanga.

The targeted areas include senior chiefs Kalonga and Khombedza and TAs Kambwiri, Mwanza, Makanjira and Kuluunda.

Source: MANA Online