Young Malawian Muslim puts Islamic funeral rites in perspective

Blantyre, A young Malawian Muslim based in Blantyre by the name of Masoor Daudi has saved money for four years in his pursuit to produce a 30 minutes video documentary in an attempt to teach and clear misconceptions people have on Islamic funeral rites.

In an interview with Malawi News Agency Sunday in Blantyre, he said he decided to come up with the idea of producing the documentary to clear the mist that people have on Islam in general.

Most people do not understand the teachings of Islam particularly on how Muslims prepare the dead body for burial, therefore, people need to watch this documentary to clear the misconceptions, Daudi said.

He said there have been many people who alleged that Muslims rush to bury the dead and that the documentary attempts to explain in brief that the Islamic teaching demands that the funeral ceremony should not interfere with time of prayers.

For example, if a person has died at 6 am it is a requirement that before 12 O’clock the person should have been buried since this is the time people have to go prayers. I have been saving the money from my piece work that I do to come up with this documentary and being a youth I take it as way of spreading the word of God, Daudi explained.

He added that the documentary targets both Muslims and non � Muslims because even some Muslims do not understand how the Islamic rites are conducted and that following the documentary people will become aware of the practice.

This video documentary will be like part of lecturing that our Holy Prophet taught us and it is based on true and authentic narration from him. We have plans to launch this documentary in October and I am appealing to well wishers to help me with funds to complete this project, Daudi disclosed.

Sheikh Ahmed Chienda of the Islamic Information Bureau hailed the documentary describing it as ‘great work from a young man.’

He concurred with Daudi that people have had misunderstandings on some of the issues regarding the Islamic funeral ceremony including bathing the dead body and the activities that characterize the burial.

The 30 minutes documentary features different segments on how a dead body is prepared for Islamic burial rites in accordance with the Holy Quran and the teachings of Prophet Mohammed.

Among other things, the documentary tackles such things like bathing the deceased, wrapping the body, praying for the body, putting it in a Jannazah (Islamic coffin) digging the grave and the actual burial.

Source: Malawi News Agency MANA