Youth organisation to install 4,000 computers in secondary schools

Rumphi, Centre for Youth and Development (CYD) will furnish 200 secondary schools in the northern region with computers worth over K57 million to enhance information and communications technology (ICT) skills to students.

CYD executive director James Gondwe said in an interview on the sidelines of Rumphi District Executive Committee (DEC) meeting held on Wednesday.

Gondwe said the initiative will prioritise rural based institutions that do not provide ICT education so that the students from such schools should be at par with their peers elsewhere.

We are installing 4000 computers in 200 secondary schools in the Northern Education Division to improve ICT education and mould productive citizens for the country, Gondwe said.

Malawi has low ICT penetration with only 14 per cent of secondary school graduates suitably qualified in ICT, according to a recent UNESCO report.

The three-year project will be implemented in partnership with the Turing Trust with funding from Scottish Government amounting to Pound 60,000 (over K57, million)

Source: Malawi News Agency MANA