Youth Parliament elects new office bearers

Lilongwe: The third meeting of the second youth parliament of Malawi which is in session, has elected new office bearers who will serve for a one year tenure of office effective Monday April 09, 2018.

Among its objectives, the Youth Parliament offers youth a platform to voice out views and opinions affecting their life socially, economically and politically.

The youth parliament currently sitting in Lilongwe on Monday conducted elections which saw Richard Phiri Member of Parliament for Dowa South East constituency being elected Speaker with 128 votes against his contender, Cosmas Njolomole who got 35 votes.

On the position of deputy Speaker, Grace Sichula from Chitipa Wenya got 120 votes against his opponent, Christina Chirwa who got 47 votes.

Delivering his acceptance speech the Speaker of Parliament, Richard Phiri said he was filled with joy for taking the position promising to bring change and work with others as a team.

I feel greatly honored with the position, I think I am the right person for the position as my vision is to change the mindset of others so that they should feel as part of the development process in the country, said Phiri.

According to Phiri his office will try as much as possible to dwell much on youth friendly services as one way of uplifting the youth and the nation at large.

I will make sure to focus on the youth to make sure that they access loans, friendly health services, visit fellow youth clubs in various places in order to empower them so that they in turn develop this nation, Phiri said.

The outgoing Deputy Speaker of Parliament, David Milambe MP representing Zomba Malosa constituency said though his tenure of office has expired he still has a role to play in order to assist the new office bearers.

As you know that we have passed on the leadership and we know how this office operates we are going to work hand in hand assisting and addressing the challenges that this office goes through in order to develop the youth, said Milambe.

Milambe further explained that during their term in office they did not have enough time for deliberations in the house, which he hopes will improve during the current tenure of office.

Had it been that we had enough funding, we would have been able to address the challenges that the youth are encountering in various places across the country, but due to lack of funding we failed to reach their respective constituencies, he said.

However, Milambe advised the newly elected office bearers to be leaders of the people and listen to people’s concerns since they work for the people.

It is an achievement to me because through the office I have learnt many things including leadership skills as well as public speaking skills which have taken me to another level, Milambe advised.

Source: Malawi News Agency MANA