Zathu Pa Wayilesi, a radio show building the youth

Lilongwe, Education for all and for everyone. This is the message Zathu Pa Wayilesi, a new radio show is sending to the youths in the country creating equal opportunities and building their future.

The show aims to inspire a new generation to forge on more equal Malawi where every young person can thrive and do better.

Zathu Pa Wayilesi is being launched through traditional media as well as touring road shows and will soon hit the airwaves across the country.

Girl Effect Malawi Chief Executive Officer, James Kennedy said the brand new radio programme aims to bring together boys and girls as an equal generation realising their potential through using entertainment that includes drama and music reaching out to youth of all ages.

He said a lot has been done on promoting education especially in girls but they saw gaps where much focused on girls alone and this historically kept boys and girls quiet separate and this divided them as a generation.

Our aim is to bring girls and boys together as we saw that they have for a long time been kept separate by giving much attention to a girl child needs. We are here to bring equality and we are saying education for all and mending the gaps created that restrain them to work together, Kennedy observed.

He explained that they have engaged on a road show for community mobilization and connect with the people before the show hits the airwaves adding that so far they have interacted with communities in the four pilot districts of Zomba, Machinga, Lilongwe and Mzimba.

The five year project is targeting youths from the ages of 12 to 19 both boys and girls and but our plan is to scale up very quickly so that by 2020 it is completely national and in all the 28 districts and reach to as many youths as possible as we can.

A gripping drama follows a group of six young Malawians as they work together to overcome challenges and follow their dreams.

Their stories echo the lives of millions of young people across Malawi. There is Annetti (The Survivor), T Reel (The Arrogant One), Mphatso (The Strong One), JP (The Sensitive One), Xander (The Good Guy) and Chikondi (The Dreamer).

Kennedy said Zathu Pa Wayilesi drama follows these characters coming together as friends and ultimately forming the Zathu Band, fusing a distinctly Malawian sound with modern rhythms.

The band will also perform music in real life on stages across the country and releasing singles and videos throughout the year.

A form one drop out, Prisca Buleya, 19 from Motolosi village , Traditional Authority (TA) Chiseka in Mitundu said was privileged to have attended a road show that was organised in her area and has made up her mind to go back to school.

She said her parents have been forcing her to go back to school but all proved futile instead she started a small business of selling flitters so that she supports herself since her parents had withdrawn their support on her.

One day I just woke up and decided to drop out of school. I felt I was way too old to be in form one so with my friends we agreed to drop out.

I didn’t feel I was losing anything and to me it became so fun because I thought I will have a lot of free time just to be chatting with friends. Seeing Zathu Band perform on stage today and sharing their story, I have been motivated and inspired and for sure I am going back to school, Buleya said.

She explained that when she goes back to school she will choose friends with a vision, whether girls or boys so that she realizes her dream of becoming a nurse.

On April 24, 2017, Zathu Pa Wayilesi will hit the airwaves across Malawi and it’s a truly jam-packed show.

The show’s hip young presenters Lily Banda and DJ Goxy will be bringing Zathu Pa Wayilesi to the nation every week, playing the fresh tracks and giving boys and girls to hear from their peers and role models on a wide range of topics.

The project is being funded by Girl Effect Malawi, a local registered non-governmental organisation and is projected to reach out to 75,000 youths in a year.

Listeners can seek advice from Zathu’s very own Gogo, a fountain of wisdom in Malawian culture , who will be answering questions about life issues from the show’s young listeners on MBC radio 2 on Saturday at 5pm , Zodiak on Sunday at 1:30pm, Yoneco and Voice of Livingstonia on Saturday at 4:30pm.

Source: Malawi News Agency � MANA