National Civic Education Policy set for launch

Minister of Civic Education and National Unity, Timothy Mtambo has disclosed that the first ever Malawi National Civic Education policy will be launched early October, 2020.

He made the revelation during the launch of students, parents and teachers engagement campaign on Covid-19 at Bingu International Convention Centre in Lilongwe.

Mtambo said among other things, places the delivery of civic education in the country into the hands of stakeholders in the civic education sector.

He added that National Initiative for Civic Education (NICE) Trust would be a lead institution in the implementation of the policy.

“My Ministry’s major role will be to regulate and coordinate the sector. We are committed to working with all civic education providers for effectively delivery of civic education services in the country,” the Minister explained.

Mtambo viewed that with the policy framework, the identified challenges would aptly confront to their demolition.

“Through transformative civic education, an engaged patriotic knowledgeable and empowered citizenry for a transformed peaceful united prosperous and just Malawian society is possible,” he noted.

National Programme Manager for NICE Public Trust, Grey Kalindekafe said the development of the National Civic Education Policy would help stakeholders in the civic education sector to discharge their roles effectively.

He said stakeholder were facing a lot of challenge particularly during campaign period which some were being branded to be bias in their vote education process.

Source: MANA Online