About Us

The Malawi Wire, happens to be the country’s that media outlet, that is seen to highlight all the issues of the masses, with publishing news from all the sectors of the country and from the region and as readers witness the diversity in the content of Malawi Wire, so it has made it attract readers of all kinds and of different age groups. This is because the Malawi Wire, believes that being a responsible media outlet in the country, it must cater to the interest of all the different people in the masses, and that is what the norms of journalism also teach all the media outlets. The Malawi Wire, is the prominent media outlet in the country, which has the team of highly expert media professionals, who ponder hard to publish a news for you that is free from any useless content and this reveals the fact that since the launch of Malawi Wire, it has never been questioned ever for publishing prejudiced news. This sort of professionalism, the Malawi Wire, has succeeded to maintain, is because it never gets off the track guided by the teachings of journalism. In a very short span of time, the Malawi Wire has turned out to be the prominent media outlet not only in the country and the region, but also in the rest of the other parts of the world, and trusting it for seeking out the true insight of any story from the Malawi and the region, is the common practice of international media. That is because the team behind the Malawi Wire maintains international standards, when it comes to publish news, which also made it achieve a distinctive importance internationally. The Malawi Wire believes to let its readers find out news without coming across any issue and for that it has introduced a highly advanced archiving system that gets its readers find out any backdated news with much comfort.

Its prestigious advertising services & its devotion to respect readers’ feedback

The Malawi Wire, also happens to be the corporate world’s first choice for the marketing purposes and that is because it is the platform, which gets any startup business have an international recognition in a very short span of time and that is because the readers of the Malawi Wire trust what goes live on the website. Another reason for small businesses to think it as the right platform for the advertisement purposes, is its popularity beyond the African region’s sphere and its international readers actually make any startup business mark its strong existence in highly competitive international markets by turning themselves into the loyal customers of that business and all that happens only because of the high credibility of the Malawi Wire. As it sticks to the basic teachings of journalism, so that also ask it to encourage readers to give their valued feedback regarding the website and its performance, and for that the Malawi Wire has hired highly professional social media team, which ensures that it never misses out any single feedback by any reader on all the social media platforms. The Malawi Wire also offers its services such as daily email news alerts and RSS News Feeds to its readers in order to stay informed about all the events that matter to them.