Gusii Region Schools Welcome CBC Curriculum with High Hopes for Student Success

Kisii, Kenya – School managers and parents in the Gusii region have expressed a positive outlook on the transition from the 8-4-4 educational system to the Competency-Based Curriculum (CBC). This optimism stems from the belief that the CBC, with its focus on individual-centered learning, will better cater to the diverse skills and talents of learners compared to the grading-focused 8-4-4 system.

According to Kenya News Agency, several school managers noted that the previous 8-4-4 system, which emphasized academic performance, did not adequately nurture the varied skills and talents necessary for students to adapt to a changing world. St. Andrews Kaggwa Boys’ School Director in Nyamira, Peter Nyamweya, shared that his school had fully embraced the new curriculum, anticipating better outcomes for future generations. Nyamweya praised the collaborative efforts of parents and teachers, which he credited for the excellent performance of their final KCPE candidates, where 44 out of 184 students scored 400 marks and above.

Similarly, Douglass Nyaanga, a parent at St. Andrews Kaggwa Boys, highlighted the importance of unity among teachers, parents, the government, and learners for the successful implementation of the CBC. In Kisii County’s Bobasi constituency, Zachary Onduso, Director of Olympic Junior Primary School, expressed his expectation that the CBC would produce more useful members of society, emphasizing the need to recognize and develop the unique potential of each individual. His school saw significant success, with at least 90% of candidates scoring 350 marks and above.

In Borabu, Mary Stella Mogusu, Director of Borabu Moma Academy, also shared her expectation that the CBC would enable all learners to succeed in life. The best student at her school scored 393 marks, with many others achieving over 350 marks. Tom Nyagaka, Director of Maxwell Academy campus Primary School, called for a united effort to provide effective services to learners in both private and public schools, emphasizing the need for sufficient learning materials for the success of the CBC.

These sentiments across the Gusii region reflect a collective belief in the potential of the CBC to revolutionize education by focusing on individual strengths and skills, thereby preparing students more holistically for their futures.