Julia Endjambi Re-Elected as Mayor of Oshikuku

OSHIIKUKU – Julia Endjambi has been re-elected as the mayor of Oshikuku during the town council’s interim elections held on Tuesday. Petrus Petrus will serve as the deputy mayor, while Linus Mingeli, Veronica Mwenyo, and Williams Sheende retain their positions on the management committee. Petrus Nambinga and Rosalia Kalimbo continue as ordinary council members. In her acceptance speech, Endjambi emphasized the importance of serving the Oshikuku community with equality, commitment, and dedication.
According to Namibia Press Agency (NAMPA), She highlighted the significant tasks ahead, particularly the expectations set by the community in relation to the 2023/24 budget. Endjambi stressed the council’s responsibility to deliver services and tangible development impartially. She called for unity among council members to effectively address the needs and challenges of the residents. Endjambi also encouraged council members and staff to be well-prepared for meetings, aiming to contribute meaningfully to the town’s development.