NHC Unveils New Brand, 5 Year Strategic Plan

The National Housing Corporation (NHC) has launched its 70th New Brand and Strategic plan for the year 2023-2027 with the aim of impacting lives through the provision of innovative housing solutions across the country.

Cabinet Secretary (CS) for Lands, Public Works, and Housing and Urban Development Alice Wahome says that NHC is prepared for a total of 50,000 housing units across the country.

Wahome observed that a decently housed nation will be achieved through the support of parliament and the government budget allocation, and she also commended the community and stakeholders who have worked to ensure every citizen has an opportunity to find a place they can proudly call home.

‘We are here to reflect on all the past achievements of NHC, present success, and chart a bold cause for the future of the housing agenda,’ maintained Wahome.

She noted that the journey of NHC began in 1953, a time when the need for organised housing solutions arose, adding that over the past seven decades, NHC has achieved numero
us milestones that have had a profound impact on the lives of many citizens, including the delivery of over 50,000 housing units across the country.

The CS made these remarks on Monday in Nairobi during the commemoration of 70 years of NHC positively impacting lives across the country through the provision of innovative housing solutions.

She stated that NHC housing will help the country’s stability and progress through fostering community development, economic growth, and social harmony.

‘NHC projects have been diverse, inclusive of affordable housing for low-income families and high-quality residences for the middle and other classes,’ she exemplified, adding that NHC has been instrumental in developing entire communities with essential amenities such as schools, hospitals, and facilities.

Wahome reiterated that NHC is committed to achieving sustainable development, whereby, in recent years, the corporation has integrated green building practices and incubated projects which ensure that housing solution
s are environmentally friendly and resilient.

‘It is crucial to look into the future since the role of NHC is more critical now than ever as it faces challenges and opportunities presented by growing population and urbanisation,’ she noted.

The CS pointed out that the government has prioritised affordable housing and underscored the NHC commitment to address the challenges, vowing that NHC will continue to be at the forefront in collaborating with the Ministry to explore innovative financing housing model, leverage public and private partnerships, and harness cutting-edge technology to accelerate the delivery of affordable housing.

She disclosed that NHC has embarked on a new chapter in conveying the new brand identity, which symbolises commitment to innovation and modernization, terming the identity as more of a tagline representing the core values, including integrity and inclusivity, and signifies the pledge to continue providing high quality, affordable housing while adopting new technologies and metho
dologies to serve the citizens.

‘NHC’s strategic plan for the year 2023-2027 outlines the vision for the future and strategic initiatives that will enable them to achieve their goals,’ voiced the CS.

Wahome highlighted the 5 key pillars of the plan, including increasing housing supply to address the home demand for housing, which involves the construction of new homes and renovating the existing ones; promoting home ownership through mortgages, mortgage subsidies, low-interest loans, and rent-to-own schemes that will make home ownership accessible to the Kenyan population; and enhancing urbanisation by leveraging architecture to address the urban population.

Others include fostering community development through investment in government community facilities such as schools, among others, and embracing technology and innovation to improve efficiency and sustainable households.

At the same time, the Chief of Staff and Head of Public Service, Felix Koskei, said that NHC has provided affordable housing that w
ill shape the nation’s landscape through innovation and excellence, stressing that the new brand is not only a logo but a holistic transformation of fidelity to the rule of law in the use of public resources.

Koskei urged stakeholders to collaborate with corporations and the government in order to impact digitalization in all states.

He mentioned that the housing plan is critical since it creates quality jobs for young people who keep graduating every year.

‘The five-year plan will help in the delivery of housing to the citizens, and it will not only build communities but also homes and also promote the economy of the country since contractors are using local products as they transfer skills,’ said Koskei.

Source: Kenya News Agency