Sh 40 Million Ultra-Modern Library Set To Be Constructed In Lodwar

Plans are underway for the construction of an ultra-modern Library in Lodwar.

The County Executive Committee Member (CECM) for Early Childhood Education, Sports and Social Protection, Leah Audan, said the County Executive Committee allocated Sh 40 million in the last Financial Year for the Library.

‘We shall implement the project in phases and so far we have set aside Sh 40 million,’ said Audan.

She said the County government will partner with the Kenya National Library Services to implement the project.

She added that her department will engage Members of the County Assembly (MCAs), to identify land for the project.

The CECM challenged parents to take advantage of the current library and ensure their children utilize it, especially during school holidays.

The library boasts of over 50,000 books for different cadres which are available for ECD learners to tertiary institutions scholars.

She also emphasized the need to develop a reading culture among students and adults.

‘I urge neighbours who can read
, to help parents who cannot, by supporting their children,’ she said.

Source: Kenya News Agency