Sonotech Medical and Diagnostic Centre to offer free breast cancer screening in October

Private Medical Facility, Sonotech Medical and Diagnostic Center, has urged all women to get screened as the world marks Breast Cancer Awareness Month this October.

The Medical Director of the Facility, Dr Grace Buckman, said available statistics indicated that breast cancer was the second leading cause of cancer deaths, hence the need to create more awareness for everyone to get screened, as early detection saves lives.

Speaking at a United Breast Cancer Awareness walk organised by the Facility, Dr Buckman said ‘from research, one in eight women would be diagnosed with breast cancer in their lifetime. Undoubtedly, the statistics are very scary, and that is why we must all rise to the task of creating awareness.

‘Experts have it that women who get regularly screened for breast cancer have a 47% lower risk of dying from the disease compared to those who do not. So take advantage of our free screening offers this whole month and get checked.’

To help create more awareness, Sonotech Medical and Diagnostic Center is running a month-long campaign to raise awareness and to highlight the importance of adopting a healthy lifestyle and on methods of prevention and early detection of breast cancer.

The theme for the campaign is ‘RISE’ meaning ‘Rally In Screening Everyone.’

‘We hope to screen up to 500 women this year for free. Considering the financial burdens of many, we will once again offer 50% discounts for all breast ultrasounds scans and 20% discount on Mammograms throughout the month. This gesture of Sonotech has often brought some financial relief to many individuals and families, helping them to save some money for other needs,’ she said.

Providing more details, she said, there would be talks, sharing of educational materials on breast cancer prevention, regular screening for early detection and where to find help when needed.

‘There will be TV, radio and social media engagements to educate the public on the disease. All branches of Sonotech and other partners will also be opened for free breast screening throughout the month,’ she said.

She added that donations from the public and from partners would be presented to support the activities of the breast cancer Unit of Korle-Bu teaching hospital to support their activities.

Sonotech’s October breast cancer awareness campaign has come a long way screening over 600, 000 women and offering financial relief to over 5000 women with free scans and up to 50% discounted breast ultrasound and mammogram scans over the past seven years.

This sustained campaign has challenged individuals, families and other organisations to get on board to help expand the scope of the fight against the disease. Not even

outbreak of the covid 19 pandemic could halt our momentum in this fight despite its impact on many institutions at the time.

As the world marks Breast Cancer Awareness, Sonotech celebrates and honours the courage and resilience of breast cancer survivors by encouraging creative and supportive messaging that embodies our mission for raising breast cancer awareness and support.

The United Breast Cancer Awareness walk was a prelude to activities slated for the month, and offered the staff of Sonotech and all partners the opportunity to take part in an enjoyable physical activity which was also used to raise public awareness on breast cancer.

Source: Ghana News Agency