WB Reaffirms Commitment to Support Ethiopia, Keep Strong Partnership

World Bank Vice President for Eastern and Southern Africa has reaffirmed the Bank’s strong commitment to support the development endeavors of the Government of Ethiopia.

Victoria Kwakwa, the vice president who is in Ethiopia for an official working visit, told the media today that the World Bank has played a vital role in assisting the Ethiopian government in various sectors, including health, education, and infrastructure development.

Noting the strong partnership for decades between Ethiopia and World Bank, she stated that WB has been supporting the agenda of recovery and inclusive economic growth with sustainable peace dividends.

“I want to keep reiterating our strong commitment to our partnership with Ethiopia,” Kwakwa reiterated.

Given the conflict and insecurity situation in the northern part of the country, a lot of the resources that we have couldn’t be implemented, the vice president noted, adding that with “peace returning now, we can start implementation; and that in itself is going to contribute to the rebuilding and the recovery.”

Moreover, she pointed out that there are new operations which the World Bank will be discussing with the government and implement.

“I think the plan is really to use what exists and to implement it effectively to support, and then to bring new operations including infrastructure to help rebuild so that basic services can be provided to continue to stimulate growth,” Kwakwa elaborated.

She finally stated that the World Bank will continue supporting the economic reform program to succeed.

Source: Ethiopian News Agency